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Plans for Listed Building Consent

Showing the original front elevation Showing the completed front elevation The original single glazed windows The replacement double glazed units Window Plans; front elevation Window Plans; cross section Window Plans; plan view
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Pump Cottage

Pump Cottage in Stanton, near Ashbourne is an 18th Century Grade II listed building.

The original windows were single glazed with raised soft-wood casements. The frames were rotten and in urgent need of replacement

The new units are hardwood flush casements without drip-head or cill. To achieve the minimum target U value of 1.8W/m^2K, 4+16+4 mm argon filled glazing units were used. Narrow glazing bars were required and these were 'planted' onto the units.

Thanks... we couldn't have done this without you - Steph

To be honest the application documents were very good. The window sections and elevations were very clear (the best I have seen). - E Waring, East Staffs BC

Planning Applications for Listed Buildings

Local Planning Authorities require a great deal of additional information in support of an application for listed building consent. Something as simple sounding as replacing the windows can require existing and proposed building plans & elevations at a scale of 1-50, window plans and elevations at 1-20 and detailed sectional plans at 1-5. They will also require a design and access statement and a detailed heritage statement which describes the scope of the work, why it is necessary and the impact it will have on the character of the building and it's setting.